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George, Year 9

School was rubbish! It was boring, stuck in a classroom looking out the window and just watching the clock wishing it was 3:30! That all changed when my Mum and Dad asked me how I felt about going to a new school. “It's an hour away, you’ll have to get up at 6am! Oh and school doesn’t finish till 5 o’clock! And that's how I arrived here!

Wow! It's like Hogwarts! Suddenly I thought I’d see floating candles in the dining room. One of my favourite places in school by the way. The food is amazing! My Dad checks the menu often and moans a lot that I am getting sticky toffee pudding and all he’s had is a sandwich. 

Now my friends give me a laugh, and the Sixth Form actually talk to you .... actually everyone talks to you! It’s like one big family; and did I mention the teachers? They are family too. I can ask them anything: they have time for me, and they help me; they also laugh with me. Because of the teachers helping me I have improved so much in my grades. Oh except I still forget to check my work!

I love the outdoors and at Abbotsholme you are outdoors a lot. Come rain, shine or snow! Campfires and hot chocolate ... oh and Mrs Witcombes Spag Bol is the way to go. So it’s has been a brilliant year and what can I say: I’ve loved every minute, and I don’t ever wish the minutes away.

This is my now eighth year at Abbotsholme and I honestly couldn't imagine life without it. I have been on a wide variety of trips and experiences in the time I have been here, and have thoroughly enjoyed every moment, There was the annual Christmas German market in the Prep school, the numerous topic related museum visits in my earlier Abbotsholme years and the treasured memories of sledging down Toboggan hill in the many snowy winters. Then as I got older I had the privilege to embark on a bouldering trip to Fontainbleu in France with other experienced climbers. Once I entered the Seniors I went on an adventure week in Scotland and a weekend climbing trip to Dorset. I have also taken part in countless orienteering events and an array of sporting activities which I have thoroughly enjoyed along with all fifteen annual hikes and camps to this date leading me in my future years towards The Duke of Edinburgh challenges and awards. These opportunities have had a huge impact on me as an individual, reflecting back over the last seven years it really is true "Every moment matters at Abbotsholme!"

 Elsie Jones

Elsie, Year 8

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