Sixth Form

Abbotsholme Sixth Form pupils have access to all the facilities that every pupil has within Abbotsholme School. However, being the oldest pupils in the School, and nearing the end of their time at Abbotsholme, they have some additional facilities that are specifically for pupils in the Sixth Form

Sixth Form Centre: The Sixth Form Centre was created to give Sixth Form pupils an area within the school that they could call their own. It houses two parts: a formal section with chairs which circle a television, a large desk for meetings and joint working parties, as well as two long tables with computers and electric points for laptops.

There is a second part which is more informal, which is more of a break out room where pupils can sit and relax and chat. The views across the garden are a lovely addition to this room.

At the entrance to the Sixth Form Centre, pupils have outdoor wooden tables and benches to enjoy during fine weather - a patio area - to work on, chat around and enjoy the Summer months. 

The Sixth Form centre is housed right next to the Head of Sixth Form's classroom and office.

Log Cabin Boarding Village: Our new Log Cabin complex has been built in a peaceful setting within the school grounds, which is only a stone's throw from the school's central facilities.

Abbotsholme's Log Cabin Boarding Village is a unique complex. Five cabins housing six pupils per cabin include a living area, dining area, kitchen with washing machine, wet room, bathroom and three bedrooms each shared by two pupils and each having a wardrobe, desk and under bed storage. These self-contained, purpose-built cabins provide a wonderful opportunity for the pupils to experience a greater degree of independence and privacy.

There is, of course, a resident member of staff on hand, but our belief is that this development will play a significant part in preparing our young people not only for university but, more significantly, for life itself. They will have independence and responsibility whilst remaining under the same caring pastoral umbrella enjoyed by all who live and work in Abbotsholme sixth form and boarding school.

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