What our pupils think


Rachel E “The Sixth Form here is smaller than at other schools. I did look at other schools but I decided to stay because I prefer a small-school approach. There are only 60 of us across the two years so we are like a big family; everyone and know everyone. This is great for my learning, too, since in Maths I am one of only six in a group, and in Chemistry there are only four of us, so we get really good individual teaching and support.” Rachel, [looked at other schools, but decided on Abbotsholme for the small-school approach].
“You are more independent in terms of being responsible for your learning, so when it comes to life situations, you will be able to do that independently, because you are used to it at school. Also, staff and pupils care about you more whether they interact with you or not, because Abbotsholme is more of a community.” Lucy, [came back after a year away, and restarted her A Level study here]. Lucy
Rachel Hames “Abbotsholme Sixth Form is a very natural place to be, and the atmosphere is great because we all get along. You can do Agri BTEC which a number of places do not offer, and I am finding really useful and interesting. I board too, and boarding is very different here since you are responsible for yourself and everything you do. It makes you feel more grown up and I know it will stand me in good stead in the future.” Rachel, [returned after three weeks away because she preferred the caring environment here].
“Abbotsholme is so different because of the range of activities we are able to do like climbing, mountaineering, orienteering, and so much more, alongside the academic teaching and learning we receive; most big schools do not offer this. I also like the environment both physical and social. Abbotsholme is a lovely place to be, and people are friendly, everyone is caring, and the small-school approach feels like a proper family.” Sam, [left and returned to Abbotsholme because he missed OEd so much]. Sam M
Ben baker “Abbotsholme gives you a real independence. It gives you the ability to carve out your own education. You are able to choose your own options, activities and school career, and you can choose what you want to get involved with; I think this allows you to broaden your horizons. Abbotsholme is a school without an ulterior motive in terms of education. It does not pigeon-hole you down a route which so many other Schools seem to do. It allows you to be who you want to be.” Ben, [Abbotsholme was his only choice for Sixth Form].
 “There are so many activities to get involved with at lunchtimes including debating, Young Enterprise, investment challenges, and sports. Additionally, we have Young Farmers, hockey training, and a variety of trips to support our academic learning. It is great in Sixth Form as both years mix really well and we have events like the sports social, formals and dinners where we can all get dressed up and be together in a fun and relaxed environment.” Sara, [who was not sure about Abbotsholme’s Sixth Form, but is now!] Sara Walker
Adam Wright Adam Wright, “It is different because we can do a mixture of A Levels and BTECs and a lot of places do not offer this. We can do lots of practical learning in a variety of subjects, which suits me much better.” Adam, [is at Junior Regional Performance Centre (JRPC) level in hockey, above Regional level and below England level, and Abbotsholme’s new synthetic pitch was a real attraction for him].
Charlie Pritchard, “Classes here are generally a lot smaller than bigger schools, and the education is more personal and direct because we can have one-to-one support. The activities are so much better than at other schools I had a look at, which allows me to develop skills that I have not been able to until now, and gain a balanced education in preparation for life after Abbotsholme.” Charlie, [joined in Year 12, and chose Abbotsholme because of the balanced education we provide]. Charlie (2)
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