Admissions Process

Abbotsholme School looks for many things in addition to academic credentials.  We seek young people with enthusiasm, integrity, commitment and a concern for others as well as for their environment – in essence, those who will contribute positively to our community.

We ask our pupils to aim to become the best version of themselves during their time at the School, to become lifelong learners and to contribute positively to the community every day.

It is important that you have all the information you need at this point to start this journey with Abbotsholme and the Abbotsholme family, and make that important decision to ensure your child’s happiness and future. If this type of educational journey sounds right for you because it resonates with your values and ethos and the education journey you want for your child or children, then Abbotsholme is definitely the right School for you.

Abbotsholme has an Admissions Policy which details the full process of admission for your child.


Abbotsholme School's Admissions Team

Paige Hilliard - Marketing Manager

Charlotte Gallimore - Registrar

Samantha Hobbs - Admissions Assistant

Application Process

If you have any queries, questions or concerns, the Admissions and Marketing Department will endeavour to answer your queries.

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