Personalised Learning

Abbotsholme School aims to provide a ‘whole person’ approach to education. It believes we should give pupils the best possible start. Consequently there is a whole school approach to specific learning differences. Pupils are fully integrated into everyday life and lessons. Staff are aware of their needs and difficulties and make appropriate adjustments. The specialist department provides help on a small group basis to any pupil who has special educational needs. The aim is to assist the pupil, whether dyslexic, dyscalculic, dyspraxic or with other specific learning differences to realise his/her full potential.

Within the department there is a strong focus on literacy as this underpins learning in all subjects. Teaching strategies encompass a highly structured, sequential, multi-sensory programme by trained specialists utilising a well-resourced area.

The specialised lessons are held in the normal school day with possible withdrawal from modern foreign languages. Specialised teaching in small groups allows for peer interaction, group dynamics and a small amount of competition.

The aim of the department is to develop the pupils’ skills in all areas of life, to teach the integration of skills and foster the ability to learn independently so each pupil achieves to their potential.

Stretch and Challenge

Pupils who have achieved mastery of key skills in literacy and mathematics, will be further challenged to use and apply these skills within problem solving tasks. Collaboration is encouraged along with higher order thinking skills so pupils are able to analyse and explain concepts with clarity.