Business Studies

Business? Budgets? Bottom line? Profits? Ethics? Corporate social responsibility? In one way or another business is at the heart of every aspect of modern day life. This is why Abbotsholme’s Business Studies Department strives for outstanding academic performance as well as giving all young entrepreneurs the opportunity to talk to real business people and to visit real life businesses. This demonstrates to them first-hand what they are learning in the classroom to help consolidate their understanding and improving their confidence in this subject area.

Through the study of many different types of businesses from small sole traders to large public limited companies students get a real taste for what running and owning a business is like. This allows our students to have an awareness of business activities, some brilliant and breath-taking and other situations disappointing and heart-breaking. Throughout GCSE and A Level lessons links are made to morally correct behaviour, emphasising how important it is to look after the natural environment as well as respecting the thoughts and ideas of other people, creating socially aware young men and women.

Business Studies at Abbotsholme is passionate about young people actually getting hands-on experience of running a business and we run two enterprise challenges, one in year 10 and another in year 12. Year 10 students get the opportunity to part take in the £10 challenge, where students have £10 start-up capital and six weeks to make as much profit as possible. The innovative and inventive ideas are extremely diverse and different every year and it always amazes one how much profit is created from such a small start-up capital of only £10. In year 12 all Business students are entered into the Young Enterprise national competition and are left to their own devices to create and run a Business for 6 months. These competitions accentuate how determined we are to make this subject come alive and to grasp the dynamic and unique aspects of the subject.

Students will study the four broad areas of business including, Marketing, Finance, HRM and Operations. Trips and outside speakers are built into the curriculum to try and show students tangible examples of what we are learning about. Annual trips are taken to East Midlands Airport, Warner Bros Harry Potter World, JCB, Uttoxeter Racecourse and Coca Cola. Real-life examples are used throughout to ensure students are engaged and interested as we are analysing and discussing real-life businesses and issues. This gives them the skills to open their own business as well as to aid organisations in their decision making. Eventually students find a certain area of business they would like to specialise in which really ignites a zest and passion for a certain functional area.

However most importantly, all my students leave Business Studies being able to create a well-balanced analytical argument which is a vital skill in every part of life plus the ability to make a well justified evaluative decision.