Mathematics is a fantastic subject that both enhances and quantifies the world around us.

It is an exceptionally powerful tool that is needed in all areas of life and is vital to succeed in the workplace. The skills include logical reasoning, problem solving and the ability to think in abstract ways. Different cultures have contributed to the development and application of mathematics. Today, the subject transcends cultural boundaries and its importance is universally recognised. Mathematics is fundamental to national prosperity in providing tools for understanding science, engineering, technology and economics and changing the world.

Maths is studied at Abbotsholme using a variety of approaches, including investigations, group work and activities, some real and some online. We show how Maths can be applied to real applications and encourage students to use and develop their mathematical ideas in other subject areas. Every classroom is equipped with an interactive whiteboard or a projector which helps staff produce outstanding lessons.

Daily lunchtime maths workshops are run as drop in sessions for students wanting more support in certain areas. We provide the opportunity for our students to demonstrate their problem solving abilities when they enter the UK Mathematics Trust Challenges at all three levels. We also run Team Challenges with competitions held against other schools in the region both at junior and senior levels.

Year 7-9

Pupils begin their mathematical journey in the senior school in Year 7, ultimately building towards their GCSE qualification at the end of Year 11. They are taught in small, ability-based sets and cover a wide range of topics that lay the foundations for later years. Pupils are encouraged to develop independent learning skills and time is devoted to cultivating these skills. This helps them learn more efficiently while gaining a deeper understanding of some key mathematical principles.

GCSE Maths

All pupils begin the GCSE course in Year 9, which gives time to develop a thorough understanding of the course material and also to undertake a revision period to consolidate learning at the end of the course. Pupils will sit exams for the new IGCSE (9-1) specification from summer 2017, depending on when they are ready. Some groups do sit it early.

Extension work is given to challenge the most able pupils, including extra-curricular activities such as the UKMT individual and team challenges. Extra support is provided for pupils who find Mathematics more difficult, including lunchtime drop-in sessions and timetabled lessons in smaller groups. A number of teachers within the Mathematics department have experience in industry and we aim to help pupils appreciate the practical applications of what they do in class.

In January all year 10 & 11 students will put their teamwork, finance and business minds together in a competitive but fun Oil trading game run by Professional Engineers.