International Partnerships

BANZ Global Centre (UK) - Abbotsholme Campus


BANZ Global Centre (UK) - Abbotsholme Campus as part of the BANZ brand, which focuses on international education and holistic development of individuals aims to cultivate global talents for the future. The acronym BANZ represents the core values of the brand: B-Boundless creativity, A-Academic curiosity, N-Noble spirits, and Z-Zealous pursuit of truth.

BANZ has successfully established a global network of campuses with "one brand, two models, and three countries." BANZ Shanghai offers a curriculum based on the Chinese national curriculum and holistic education. BANZ Singapore specializes in a blend of A-level, O-level, and VCE curricula with a focus on East-West integration. BANZ UK provides an authentic British elite education experience with A-levels and the IB program. Each BANZer, as the students are referred to, can choose the campus that best suits their growth and development in Shanghai, Singapore, or Abbotsholme in the UK. Moreover, during their studies, students have the opportunity to rotate among campuses, enhancing their global perspective, gaining practical experience, and strengthening their academic abilities through the "cross-campus learning journey."


By studying and interacting with students and teachers from different countries and regions, BANZers can enhance their cultural understanding and respect, gain insights into diverse academic perspectives, and broaden their practical experiences. This has significant real-world significance and long-term impact.

BANZ Global Centre (UK) is located at the Abbotsholme Campus in the UK. Situated in the heart of England, the campus has a history of over 130 years and is a two-hour drive from the capital, London. It is considered as the birthplace of new education in Europe and is a member of the prestigious Round Square international network of pioneering schools. The campus spans 140 acres and includes natural waterways, a certified equestrian center by the British Horse Society (BHS), modern art and photography studios, a film center, an art performance theater, and a multimedia research center. BANZers can enjoy the British "aristocratic" education experience in this beautiful environment.


BANZ principal - Dr. Nancy BAI

Dr. Nancy BAI,

General Principal of BANZ

Principal of BANZ Global Centre (UK) and the Chinese Regional Principal of Abbotsholme School

Deputy Chair-lady of the Chinese Advisory Council for the British Council's Global Partner Schools

Chair-lady of the Joint Management Committee of Shanghai Normal University Tianhua College: Monash College Partner in China

Appointed visiting scholar by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission in Brisbane, Australia in 2002.

"Special Education Allowance" awarded by Shanghai Education Commission for three consecutive years

The most influential international education leader awarded by Sina Education and the most popular school principal by Tencent Education,the "Warmest Principal" award from the International Education Innovation Conference (IEIC).