Vision & Aims

Our Vision

What is our ideal state? Where do we want to be?

We desire to be renowned nationally and internationally as a beacon of excellence due to our unique breadth of provision and international outlook. Our top quality equestrian centre, farm and outdoor education facilities will enable pupils to excel in these pursuits. We prepare our pupils for an array of futures through honing relevant skills, resilience and the right kind of confidence. Our bespoke, dynamic, pupil-centred experience will support social, emotional and educational needs and provide the best possible start in life. Our pupils will be nimble, versatile and mentally agile, able to adapt to the demands of an ever changing world and to leave that world in a better place than when they found it.


Our Mission

What is our reason for existence?

We are a school where pupils are truly known, happy and fulfilled. Our unique approach prepares pupils for a wide range of futures and there is no fixed mindset on what can be achieved. We offer a variety of qualifications and routes for life beyond school in a safe and supportive environment where every child receives bespoke care. We inspire, enrich and motivate our pupils through lessons which are engaging, challenging, fun and purposeful, within a curriculum which is broad, balanced and tailored to their needs. We are highly in tune with our need to be sustainable and our commitment to wellness manifests itself in all quarters of the school.


Abbotsholme aims to provide:

  • Knowledge to help everyone achieve and succeed to the best of their individual academic ability.

  • An understanding of the natural environment and the importance of protecting it.

  • Challenges which build strength and test courage, as well as providing a stimulating and enjoyable experience.

  • Cultural enrichment to widen perspective and to develop awareness of our responsibilities to others.

Our Ethos

Our philosophy is written deeply into our DNA with our core values of courage, honesty, humility, integrity and respect. We encourage our pupils to discover these values within themselves. As a founding Round Square School, we also view the values of internationalism, democracy, environmentalism, adventure, leadership and service as core components of our daily life.


Our Aims and Values

Our founder created 5 core values to which we hold true today:

Courage, honesty, humility, integrity and respect.


In addition, we ensure that we respect and teach the values of the Round Square School Charter (IDEALS) and regularly ensure coverage of the Fundamental British Values:

Internationalism, democracy, environmentalism, adventure, leadership, service