Vision & Aims

Our Vision

It is our firm belief that a good, balanced education is an essential preparation for the whole of life. An education at Abbotsholme provides not only the starting blocks but also propels each individual through the start of life outside Abbotsholme.

At Abbotsholme we want all of our pupils not only to succeed – whatever their individual talents or abilities may be – but also to feel successful. The Abbotsholme ethos encourages a sense of self-worth and of pride in one's own achievements, whilst, in equal measure, celebrating the success of others.

Although we are committed to helping all Abbotsholmians fulfil their academic potential, the measure of our success cannot be judged by scholarly achievements alone. Indeed, it is their development as people that must be seen as the ultimate test.

Our vision is that pupils leave Abbotsholme as responsible and socially aware young men and women, able to face an increasingly demanding world with confidence and a zest for life. In years to come, we would wish to know that they were happy with themselves and with their lives; we also would want them to be successful in their personal and professional endeavours whilst remaining sensitive to the needs of others.

Our Aims

Abbotsholme aims to prepare its pupils for the whole of life, by giving them a balanced education through a strong academic curriculum and an extensive range of extra-curricular activities. We give academic, personal and social developments equal standing, recognise the diversity of talent in each pupil and encourage pupils and staff to do their best.

Abbotsholme aims to provide:

  • Knowledge to help everyone achieve and succeed to the best of their individual academic ability.
  • An understanding of the natural environment and the importance of protecting it.
  • Challenges which build strength and test courage, as well as providing a stimulating and enjoyable experience.
  • Cultural enrichment to widen perspective and to develop awareness of our responsibilities to others.