I am thrilled to have the opportunity of leading this excellent school in its next exciting chapter as a progressive school in a fantastic setting, built upon British family values driven by excellence for every child in his or her chosen domain.  I remain firmly committed to upholding the Abbotsholme values of honesty, integrity, respect, humility and courage.


I am starting my tenure as the Head at Abbotsholme at a time when at least a third of the world's population is under some form of intense social distancing.  Much, if not all, of our summer term learning, will be remote and online.  However, having spent the last three months leading schools on lockdown in China, I have experienced first-hand how well-structured e-learning and strong pastoral support facilitate excellent learning outcomes. Together we will move swiftly on to the next chapter, more robust and wiser. During this period of prolonged lockdown, we will remain faithful to Abbotsholme’s tradition of developing pupils' learning to encourage independence, confidence and academic success within a nurturing and all-inclusive e-learning environment.


Simon Ruscoe-Price