Abbotsholme gives out a number of means-tested bursaries to pupils each year. We also have Forces bursaries available. Please contact Stacey Wall on 01889 594289 for more information.

All applicants for a bursary must have filled in a registration form, and had a taster/assessment day prior to submitting the bursary forms. Taster days are part of the assessment procedure for admission into Abbotsholme.

Abbotsholme is committed to operating a Bursary scheme to assist in widening access to the Education provided by the School to those who cannot afford the full tuition fees.

All Bursaries are means tested and Abbotsholme can provide some financial support depending upon parental income and financial circumstance. Parents/Guardians are obliged to provide confidential information concerning their financial situation. Your financial situation will then be assessed against various criteria set down by the School. Bursaries are awarded on an annual basis. Parents should note that a home visit may be required as part of the assessment.

Applications for bursaries for entry year 2018/2019 are now open. An explanatory letter and the bursary form are available to download below:

Bursary Letter

Bursary Form

Old Abbotsholmian Bursaries

Through the generosity of The Abbotsholmians' Club, an established fund provides financial assistance to Old Abbotsholmians by way of two Bursaries, known as the OA Bursary and The Marsden Bursary. At the discretion of the Head, these are awarded annually to help Full Members of the club send their daughters and sons to Abbotsholme.

Further details can be obtained from the Head of Operations, either by telephone: +44 (0)1889 590217 or by email richard.mayfield@abbotsholme.co.uk