Drama Scholarships

Applicants for drama scholarships are required to select a short piece of drama from the three provided and learn and perform this to our Head of Performing Arts. In addition to this performance there will be a conversation about the piece and some improvised work involving exercises and situations. The whole audition takes approximately 20 – 25 minutes and is designed to put candidates at their ease and provide an enjoyable experience.

Art Scholarships

Applicants will be expected to present a portfolio of work and be prepared to discuss that work and also discuss any gallery visits they may have made. Applicants will also be required to produce a still life sketch within 30 minutes.

Music Scholarships

Applications are invited from all instrumentalists and singers. Recipients of scholarships will be expected to play a full part in the musical life of the school. Applicants should be prepared to play two contrasting pieces on their instrument or using their voice which may be accompanied or unaccompanied. Sight reading and aural tests will also be given in order to ascertain potential as well as attainment. It is expected that a minimum standard Grade 3 will have been attained at year 7 entry.

Sport Scholarships

Applications are invited from athletic and talented young sportspeople who can make a significant contribution to the range of major sports offered by Abbotsholme School. Pupils will be assessed on their co-ordination, speed, stamina and games skills. Candidates will also participate in training sessions for two sports (hockey and cricket).

Academic Scholarships

Academic scholarships are available and are assessed based on the results achieved by the candidate in the Entrance Examinations.


Prospective students can also apply for bursaries. These are means-tested and are designed to allow pupils who would not otherwise be able to attend the School to do so.