Orchard House

Orchard House is a senior girls house with girls aged 14-17 years. It’s is a vital time in the girl’s journey at Abbotsholme to ensure they are balanced and well supported through their GCSE and examination courses. The house team work together to provide a homely environment where the girls are able to study in the comfort of their rooms whilst enjoy the social spaces watching films, socialising, cooking and relaxing. The house has a close caring community with clear communication structures to allow for quality care and provision.

Life in Orchard House is balanced by study, sport, creative arts and social time. The girls are expected to manage their time making sure they use all of the opportunities given to them.

The girls meet regularly with the staff to discuss their progress within boarding, school life as well as life outside of Abbotsholme. The contact with the house teams allows us to ensure that we are aware of individual talents, share the girl’s personal achievements and also embed a sense of personal pride as well as house pride.

Orchard House aims to ensure that every young lady succeeds in their educational journey by challenging themselves by building upon the strength they gain personally, socially and physically in a rich healthy natural environment.

By creating structure in the boarding house it allows the girls to settle into routines and allows them to benefit from the school opportunities within extra-curricular activities and the vast array of weekend trips.

Creating regular house meetings, year group meetings, and meeting with the house prefects allows a two way communication between staff and pupil therefore allowing boarding to strive forward in development continuously.

Actively supporting independence is by encouraging the girls to make their own choices in relation to their beliefs.

In Orchard House we learn to respect others by working through differences, solving problems and allowing the girls to develop into confident young people.

All of the girls are given roles and responsibilities within the boarding house to promote a successfully smooth running community.