Business Trip to Smyth's Toys Distribution Centre

Stacey Wall

Business and Economics pupils travelled to Stoke on Trent on Tuesday 12th of October to visit the enormous Smyth’s Toys Distribution Centre, located inside the Alto House warehouse. The pupils were split into two groups and given a tour of the warehouse that included a talk from the Warehouse Director. It was discussed how the warehouse uses a large picking machine that fulfils orders for 29 stores whilst the other 4 the warehouse supports is picked by hand. This is an excellent link for pupils to build into their essays on why it is so important for businesses to be efficient in their operations to ensure that the right products are in the right place at the right time. Economists can use this trip to look at the role of specialisation and division of labour to increase productivity and output. The warehouse is split into distinct areas, nursery, games, etc. when the orders are picked they are sorted by department so the shops can easily unpack their goods at the correct area, lowering the amount of time taken to unload products and stack them onto the shelves for the customers to buy. The current recruitment crisis was discussed and how the warehouse can manipulate and prioritise certain products and orders to ensure that the consumer still gets the most wanted toys especially in the run up to the Christmas rush. All pupils have been set an essay to help them to link the topics we have covered in the classroom to what we witnessed on the trip. The aim of all Business and Economics trips is to illustrate and bring these wonderful subjects to life. In their A Level exams they are expected to draw upon real life examples and scenarios and build them into their essays, hopefully this type of trip will help them to improve their longer written answers and therefore overall attainment and achievement.

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