Guest Speaker - Higher Education

Stacey Wall

Mrs Lily Wearden travelled from Aberystwyth University to present to Year 12 pupils about the benefits of studying at a higher level and some top tips on how to choose: where, what and how to study. The aim of this session was to allow pupils to think about their post sixth form options. The main message of the early part of the talk was to discuss a degree that someone is passionate about and interested in as the transferable skills they obtain from that course will open many doors in a broad and varied number of jobs and careers. The talk covered the many wonderful opportunities available at universities on top of the course. The SACU website demonstrated allows pupils to complete some questions and it recommends different university courses. There are over 50 000 degree courses available in the UK. It was recommended that pupils thought about their favourite subjects? Activities that they enjoy at school or in their free time? Career ideas? Joint honour degrees? Specialist or broad? Studying abroad? Industry placements? Mrs Wearden showed the pupils how to complete a search using the UCAS website. It is important to compare entry requirements, course content, how much flexibility in the course, course rankings over university’s rankings, other opportunities and the accreditation. It is also important that pupils decide between a campus or city based university.