Senior Management


Mr Robert Barnes

Head of Prep School

Mrs Kristy Hankin

Director of Teaching & Learning

Mrs Amy Thornton

Director of Finance & Operations

Mr Richard Mayfield

Safeguarding Lead/Senior Housemistress

Mrs Jo Simpson



Mr James Diamond


Miss Simone Morris


Mrs Michele Milward


Mrs Jen Sanderson

Head of Sixth Form

Mr Jon Shaw

Abbotsholme Prep School

Year 5 Teacher & Head of Prep School

Mrs Kristy Hankin

Year 6 Teacher

Mr John Potter

Year 3 & 4 Teacher

Mr Richard Brindley

Year 1 & 2 Teacher

Mrs Gillian Clay

Reception Teacher & Head of Early Years

Mrs Ann Parker

Abbotsholme Pre-Prep School

Nursery Manager

Mrs Rosie Kneller

Early Years Practitioner

Mrs Jennifer Dales

Early Years Practitioner

Miss Megan Farnley

Early Years Practitioner

Miss Jenny Sheppard

Early Years Practitioner

Miss Emmi Macnab


Residential Head of Estate Education

Miss Emily Morris


Head of Art

Mr Paul Jones

Teacher of Art

Miss Simone Morris

Business Studies

Head of Business Studies

Mr Jon Shaw

Digital Learning

Leader of Digital Learning

Mr James Diamond

Performing Arts

Teacher of Performing Arts

Mr Rob Lewis

Duke of Edinburgh

Duke of Edinburgh Co-ordinator

Mrs Joy Holmes


Head of English

Ms Diane Gaunt

Teacher of English

Ms Bernadette Carr

Teacher of English

Mr Simon Herbert

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

Head of EAL

Mrs Angela Parry


Head Groom

Mrs Sarah Hamilton


Head of Geography

Mr Andrew Abraham


Head of History

Mrs Natalie Sanderson

Teacher of History

Mr Simon Herbert

Learning Skills

Head of Learning Skills

Miss Sarah Brick

Teacher of Learning Skills

Mr Richard Kirkham

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Zoe Ridley

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Kathryn Torr

Life, Religion & Citizenship

Head of PHSE, Religion & Citizenship

Mrs Jo Mayfield


Head of Mathematics

Mr Mark Calthrop-Owen

Teacher of Mathematics

Mrs Becky Sweet

Modern Languages

Head of Modern Languages

Mrs Joy Holmes

Teacher of Modern Languages

Mrs Victoria Ford

Teacher of Modern Languages

Mrs Amandeep Sagoo

Outdoor Education

Head of Outdoor Education

Mr Tim Milner

Teacher of Outdoor Education

Mrs Helen Vardy

Physical Education

Head of PE & Sport

Mrs Laura Askew

Teacher of PE & Sport & Sportastic Head Coach

Mr Clive Jacobs

Teacher of PE & Sport

Mr Sam Ritchie

Round Square

Round Square Co-ordinator

Mrs Joy Holmes


Head of Science (Physics)

Mr Gareth Pardoe

Teacher of Science (Chemistry)

Mr John Anders

Teacher of Science (Biology)

Mrs Beki Brown

Teacher of Science (Chemistry)

Mrs Jo Mayfield

Teacher of Science (Physics)

Mr Gary Pike


Head of Technology & Engineering

Mr Jamie Thomas

Examinations Officer

Mrs Julie Benfield

Facilities/Contracts Manager

Mr Brian Ball

Finance Manager

Mrs Rosie Ball

Reception/Admissions Assistant

Mrs Debbie Broughton

Lab Assistant

Mr Ian Featherstone

ICT Systems Manager

Andrew Lilley


Mr John Jackson

Catering Manager

Mrs Racheal Lancett

Maintenance & Grounds Manager

Mr Mark Lomas

School Administrator

Mrs Sally Marren

Headmaster’s PA

Mrs Julie Noon

Head of Admission and Marketing

Mrs Stacey Wall

School Medical Officers

School Doctor

Dr Helen Maxwell-Jones

School Health Advisor

Mrs Helen Hudson

School Nurse

Mrs Angela Bettson-Burdett

School Nurse

Mrs Lucy Lloyd

School Nurse

Mrs Cath Warlow

Heads of School

Phoebe Broughton & Toby Hall