Pastoral Care

Good pastoral care is of prime importance. In order for each child to fulfil their potential both academically and socially, the environment in which they operate has to be conducive to this. Students must feel happy and engaged at school, but equally must be disciplined and well-mannered. If a child is to thrive at school, they must be happy and feel valued in their environment.

Day houses and boarding houses allow our pupils to have a true sense of belonging in the Senior School. These vibrant and sociable spaces enable pupils to work and play under the supervision of a dedicated pastoral team. Housemaster and Housemistress are supported by a team of tutors who are mindful of pupils' individual welfare on a daily basis.

The boarding houses and two day houses allow for inter-house competition, excellent communication and continuity of care. The Housemasters and Mistresses are all academic teachers who develop positive relationships with pupils, parents and staff. Day pupils have a physical house to use during the day and the houses are focal point for school life, offering opportunities for leadership and service, in a safe and caring environment, within a well-managed and structured vertical system.

Our small size is a real strength. Every individual is known, understood and appreciated; our pupils are never treated as statistics. We pride ourselves on providing excellent pastoral care. Relationships among the pupils and between pupils and staff are excellent. Our aim is to provide a relaxed and informal atmosphere, with a healthy respect for authority.

A sense of well-being and belonging underpins all progress in the Senior School and we devote time and attention to ensuring that pupils develop the confidence and sense of worth they need to flourish. Where necessary, we provide support to pupils as they steer the tricky waters of teenage life: whether with making or sustaining friendships, making good choices or managing workload, a listening ear and practical advice are always available.

We are committed to working in partnership with our families to ensure the best possible progress for our students in every area of their development. Tutors keep in regular contact with parents about any issues affecting behaviour, progress or welfare. Parents are encouraged to communicate promptly with the school when concerns arise and to keep us informed of any matters that may affect a pupil's behaviour, work or well-being.