Art & Photography

The purpose of Art at Abbotsholme is to encourage pupils to communicate ideas, feelings and emotions in visual terms. They will learn to observe and record differences in relationships between forms; have a sense of craftsmanship and a sense of inventiveness. They will be encouraged to work independently and develop their own ideas to realisation. Pupils will understand how artworks are part of an historical and cultural continuum and they will be able to make judgements about the aesthetic merit and qualities of a work of art through their command of the critical vocabulary relevant to discussing and writing about art. The individual pupil will be able to see the relevance of the visual arts to their own lives.

In the Sixth Form pupils are able to continue studying Art at A Level following Edexcel’s Art & Design: Fine Art specification. They also have the option of pursuing a Photography A Level as well, where they can explore digital and traditional, film based forms of image making. Again, pupils are encouraged to develop their art practise in as independent a way as possible, as well as allowing them to develop an increasingly sophisticated use of materials and processes. In the Upper Sixth, independence and maturity are encouraged as pupils are expected to negotiate their final project through discussion with their teacher.

Pupils have gone on to achieve success in a variety of areas connected to the arts. Some have gained places at prestigious establishments such as Goldsmiths and St Martins in London; some have explored careers in graphic design, illustration and even filmmaking; others have taken the skills gained and used them in other more traditionally academic situations, such as the student that used their filmmaking skills to document ice melts on her Geography degree.

Abbotsholme artists are challenged, encouraged to take risks and find their own voice in a supportive, friendly and passionate Art department.