Geography helps students make sense of the world around them. They can see it and hear it in the news, on the weather, or when looking at the landscape out of the window. With this in mind the greater goal of Geography at Abbotsholme is for students to leave with a deep understanding of the world in which they live, it is a subject for our times.

A level Geography is a broad subject that fits in well for future progression in a range of areas, from business to a career in law. Those less sure of the path they will take are able to keep their options open as it covers both arts and science components combined with academic robustness that is valued highly by both universities and employers. The subject is inherently multidisciplinary in a world that now more than ever values people who have the skills needed to work across the physical and social sciences.

The course at Abbotsholme covers topics that are intrinsically interesting and valuable, with topics that encourage ways of seeing and thinking that make geographers highly sought after by employers. The course covers a range of topic areas including tectonic processes and hazards, coastal landscapes and change, globalisation, diverse places, water and energy insecurity.

Field work is an essential part of the A level course that is offered at Abbotsholme and will include a residential trip (part of the inclusive fee) to a coastal and an urban environment. This is a popular part of the course for students who enjoy experiencing the geography that they have learnt about. This part of the course is essential for students to develop that deeper understanding of the world in which they live.

In lessons students learn in a wide variety of ways such as by using maps, data analysis, photos, videos and journal articles written specifically for A level Geography. Lessons are engaging and students take an active role in their learning. We pride ourselves on enabling the next generation of geographers to develop their geographical skills and ultimately to gain that deep understanding of the world in which they live.